The company

Adam Reuterskiold Arnback and Nils Wachtmeister have lived in Thailand since 2002 onwards, and were major forces behind one of Bangkok's most successful property development firms - Kudu Company.

After completing several housing projects in central Bangkok, some of which were in partnership with a major listed developer, they embarked on a new challenge in Hua Hin.

In mid-2005, after meeting several newly arrived Swedes in Thailand, Nils and Adam realized there was a great need for well designed and well constructed houses, with proper project management and after-sales service for Westerners who don't want to spend hundreds of thousands of euros to buy a home.

The company specializes in sales, production and after-sales service of property in Thailand.

Quality of the developments

Adam, Nils and the rest of the team have many years of experience of working together building, selling, and providing after-sales service to foreigners in Thailand.

Each member of the team lives permanently in Hua Hin, and the office is located directly on the construction site.

Building inspections and quality controls are performed by the Thai as well as foreign team members.

Many property developers in Thailand claim to build to "Western standards" and provide potential clients with examples of Western building materials and specifications. Westerners who have bought houses in Thailand, unfortunately, know that designs and material selections alone are not enough. The most important and most difficult part of property development is project management and quality control, and to accomplish this, experienced project managers are needed.

It is important to have professional personnel that understand the quality requirements of the homeowners, and a Thai workforce with the knowledge and ability to fulfill these requirements.

To fully maintain guarantees of quality, it is necessary to establish a dedication and understanding of quality requirements that lasts long after the house is completed.

Our project manager Vuthi Supphuriwat has led numerous construction projects including the Evason in Hua Hin - a favourite hotel among many Western visitors to Thailand.

Vuthi Supphuriwat The construction quality in Thailand is not the same as the quality in the west. Construction workers in Thailand often live in unpainted houses without bathrooms. Because of this, they instinctively build to a different standard than you and I would expect.

It can be challenging to achieve the results expected by our foreign customers with the limited resources we have here in Thailand. And the worst thing one can do to a customer is make promises one cannot keep, be it delivery times or quality standards. I have worked with Nils and Adam for many years now, and we always spend a lot of time together discussing and reviewing the customers' wishes. I believe this is why our customers are satisfied, and that gives me great personal satisfaction.

The investment

A good investment requires detailed planning, and a strong understanding of legal and economical matters. To complement our own experience and knowledge, we work with two of Thailand's most reputable law firms. We therefore feel comfortable in saying that an investment in one of our houses is among the safest property investments you can make in Thailand.

Happy customers

Our goal is to have satisfied and happy customers who recognise that they have received great value for their money.

We build well situated and expertly designed quality houses in a tropical environment at affordable prices, with clear-cut ownership rights according to Thai law.