• Breakfast is servedBreakfast is served
  • Veranda at sunriseVeranda at sunrise
  • Bedroom in the morning sunBedroom in the morning sun
  • Livingroom with connecting verandaLivingroom with connecting veranda
  • The beach Had Sai Yai, five minutes from Villa VistaThe beach Had Sai Yai, five minutes from Villa Vista
  • The mountain Khao Takiab behind the pine treesThe mountain Khao Takiab behind the pine trees
  • The beach Had Sai Noi, bike distance from Villa VistaThe beach Had Sai Noi, bike distance from Villa Vista
  • Sun umbrellas at Had Sai NoiSun umbrellas at Had Sai Noi
  • Club house and common area poolClub house and common area pool
  • View over Villa Vista with the mountains in the backgroundView over Villa Vista with the mountains in the background
  • Traveller's tree at a main entranceTraveller's tree at a main entrance
  • Neighbours in ThailandNeighbours in Thailand
  • Trees and greenery around the housesTrees and greenery around the houses
  • A view due southA view due south
  • Livingroom and veranda as one single big spaceLivingroom and veranda as one single big space
  • Villa Vista at sunsetVilla Vista at sunset
  • Veranda in the early morningVeranda in the early morning
  • Buddha images in the livingroomBuddha images in the livingroom
  • The first completed houseThe first completed house
  • Standard kitchenStandard kitchen
  • The massage sala by the club houseThe massage sala by the club house
  • Sala on the roof terraceSala on the roof terrace
  • Roof terrace at duskRoof terrace at dusk
  • The restaurant is open every day from 1030 to 2200The restaurant is open every day from 1030 to 2200
  • Ready for a morning swimReady for a morning swim
  • Tropical rain storm heading towards Villa VistaTropical rain storm heading towards Villa Vista
  • Club house and swimming pool in the eveningClub house and swimming pool in the evening
  • Sala and pool deckSala and pool deck
  • Villa Vista in the middle of the photoVilla Vista in the middle of the photo
  • Your own dream home...
  • ... as close to paradise you can get...
  • this is Villa Vista.
  • A collection of architect-designed houses in Hua Hin...
  • ... located a few minutes from downtown...
  • ... near many golf courses and the Thai royal couple's private beach...
  • ... delivered by a group of Swedes and Thais with many years of experience in property development in Thailand.


It's been surprisingly easy to sit back in Sweden and "build" a house on the other side of Earth, with continuous updates and photos from the project. Most of it turned out as we had expected and some things turned out even better.
Thomas W.
Our oasis in Villa Vista with its fantastic and well thought-out design and planning is one of our lives' biggest decisions which we are super-happy with. We get on wonderfully well there.
Madeleine & Carl B.
The houses look much nicer and their functionality is superior to all other houses we have seen built for foreigners. The big difference is in the close contact between the garden, large roof-covered outdoor spaces and the absence of high walls between the houses. The house works well beyond our expectations - it's very pleasant to be in. A big thanks to the architect Märta Wachtmeister!
Caroline & Michaël B.
It has also been fun to make our own "tailor-made" alterations. The quality of both the house and the customer service has been and continues to be outstanding.
Caroline & Michaël B.
Villa Vista is a real hit. The architect has created a diversified but well-knit style in all the houses, with a genuinely cosy atmosphere around the club house pool and restaurant.
Ingemar & Berit Z.
We already know that Thais like to smile. The Villa Vista residents also look very happy. What could be the reason? We're enjoying ourselves in the shade of our large roofs. We meet up at our shared restaurant. We have a dream-like lagoon. We have miles and miles of beach. We have fantastic golf courses. What more could one wish for?
Märta & Axel W.
We think that Villa Vista has a very pleasant and special living environment, very cosy houses with a highly individual touch. We also have a great time together in our "village"!
Suzanne & Per L.
It was a winning ticket! Villa Vista, Hua Hin, where Thailand is at its best, and with the best climate. A fantastic house and professional, always available, friendly and helpful staff at Scandinavian Thai Homes Ltd.
Bo A.
At last, Eva and I said to each other when we saw Villa Vista, this is how we want to live. Charming houses designed by a competent architect with good taste and judgment. It's true that the Thai houses are beautiful from the outside, but inside the ceilings are low, kitchens are cramped, the projects are gloomy. Villa Vista is greener and more beautiful, it will become our winter home.
Christer B.
Our house in Villa Vista has fulfilled a lifetime dream. The community and house design is unique and unlike any other we've seen in Thailand. It's incredibly cosy. Take a walk in around the village, have a bite to eat in the restaurant, swim in the pool or just the stay in the house. We enjoy every moment in the house and always look forward to returning.
Pia & Claes G.
Scandinavian Thai Homes have been sensitive to us quite demanding customers and they have brought forth a paradise we've long dreamt of and which we now can enjoy for the rest of our lives together with good friends, children and grandchildren. Scandinavian Thai Homes have created an environment that particularly pleases us Swedes; beautiful, tasteful and serene.
Gerard & Catharina D. G.
Location of Villa Vista in Hua Hin

Welcome to Scandinavian Thai Homes

Words can't do justice to the feeling of living in Thailand. The country offers everything one could wish for: Warm and friendly inhabitants, a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment, and a beautiful landscape. And all this at a price everyone can afford.

With your own home in Thailand, you can enjoy an excellent quality of life. Here, the weather is beautiful 365 days per year, you can afford delicious and exotic meals at restaurants every day, and taxis could hardly be any cheaper. You can finally attain the style of living you've always dreamed of. So why wait?


Some of the houses in Villa Vista are available for rent between 60.000 and 120.000 THB per month. Contact us to know more.

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