• Bedrooms to the left and the veranda in the middlee
  • A view due south
  • Trees and greenery around the houses
  • Pool
  • The massage sala by the club house
  • Restaurant
  • Massage sala and common area pool in the middle
  • Buddha images in the livingroom
  • Livingroom and veranda as one single big space
  • Roof terrace at dusk
  • Veranda in the early morning
  • Roof terrace
  • Tropical rain storm heading towards Villa Vista
  • Villa Vista at sunset
  • Sala and pool deck
  • Traveller's tree at a main entrance
  • Club house and common area pool
  • Sun umbrellas at Had Sai Noi
  • The beach Had Sai Yai, five minutes from Villa Vista
  • Veranda
  • Bedroom
  • The beach Had Sai Noi, bike distance from Villa Vista
  • The mountain Khao Takiab behind the pine trees
  • Veranda
  • Livingroom with connecting veranda

Thai inspiration...

Villa Vista homes are designed with a focus on western-style living in a tropical climate.

  • Terracotta
  • Teak
  • Marble
  • Aluminium

The living room with bamboo-clad pitched ceiling and floorto-ceiling teak windows gives onto a large shaded veranda, blending lush landscaping with natural construction materials.

Our Projects

Hua Hin - beach viewIt is no coincidence that our project is located in Hua Hin. When one considers moving from Europe or the US to a warmer climate, nice weather and beaches are typically the most popular reasons. However, daily life eventually returns to normal once one is settled, even in a beautiful place like Thailand. It's at this time one realizes the importance of choosing the right location.

During a longer stay abroad, most Westerners say they want access to activities such as walking, biking, day trips, boat tours, cooking courses and golfing. Those living abroad also appreciate having all the comforts of home, including supermarkets with European foods and access to Western newspapers.

In Villa Vista, all house owners can access the large swimming pool which is designed both for relaxation and for working out, and everyone naturally also have access to the Jacuzzi with jet stream massage. Next to the pool is the private restaurant that offers both Thai and Western cuisine, at prices that cannot be compared to Western levels - here you can truly afford to eat out every day.

Less than 10 minutes car ride away, you will find two golf courses, plus a driving range (and a further five minutes away another one is slated for completion in 2008). If this is not enough, Hua Hin offers a further 7 golf courses.

The nearest beach is a short bike ride away. But there are numerous other easily accessed beaches, some set in small bays with nice cozy restaurants, and others that stretch for miles. The King of Thailand's private beach is situated in the midst of these - and when you see the unbelievable natural beauty of the area, you are left with no doubt as to why he chose Hua Hin.

Villa Vista

Villa Vista

Villa Vista rests atop lush, green hills rising from the Gulf of Siam. The houses are located near sandy beaches and world class golf courses, and are just a few minutes away from central Hua Hin. In the morning, you can watch the sun rise from the tropical sea, and watch it disappear behind the green mountains in the evening. Truly a view of paradise.

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